A Prayer to The Nine Choirs of Holy Angels

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Blessed spirits of the heavenly court, invincible champions of the cause of God, after having adored, praised, blessed, and given thanks to the God of all goodness, for the incomparable graces with which He has enriched you; after having made a sincere protestation with our whole heart, that we take all possible interest therein, rejoicing because of the joy and ineffable glory which you possess;

After having besought you benignantly to accept the inviolable resolution we now take to have a special devotion to you for the remainder of our days, and to promote its establishment and increase by every means in our power wherever we can, we implore the aid of all your glorious bands, for the advancement of the reign of the adorable Jesus and the amiable Mary over all heathens, heretics, schismatics, over all persons who live in true submission to the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church, and particularly over the true Sovereign Pontiff, who is its one visible head on earth, and over all other prelates; so that, all people professing the same faith, cleaving to the purity of its maxims, and leading a life conformable to its rules, the sacred interests of God Only may live and reign in all hearts throughout all ages.

This is the grace for which we ask, O mighty princes of the heavenly host, from the Father of Mercies, through your powerful intercession; this is the consolation which we beseech the God of all consolation to grant us; that His Name may be sanctified, His Kingdom come, His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven ; that the empire of sin and of the devils may be destroyed; that the Gospel may be preached to all nations, and received throughout all the earth ; that the Holy Name of God may be honoured and glorified ; that all spirits may bless the Lord, adore Him, love Him, and live in perfect and entire submission to His Divine Will.

Come, then, O ye Angels and Archangels, hasten to establish the dominion of God in kingdoms and provinces, in-towns and country-places, and in all who dwell therein ;

Ye sacred Principalities, rule all hearts, possess them, that you may subject them to the empire of Jesus and Mary ;

Ye admirable Powers, confound the devils, who oppose themselves thereto, defeat the designs of hell, and the malice of all sorcerers and magicians, and other enemies of God ;

Ye divine Virtues, lead souls to walk in the solid paths of Divine love ; ye glorious Domina tions, make known to men, to this end, the will of God concerning them ;

Ye amiable Thrones, establish in their inmost hearts that peace which our Lord bequeathed to us ;

Ye Cherubim, princes of heavenly science, com municate its excellent light to our earth ;

and Ye Seraphim, princes of pure love, cause men to live only by its flames, that God Only may be the true Sovereign and the absolute Master of all we are, and all we do.

Amen. Amen. Amen.
God Only, God Only, God Only.